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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning of Lexington specializes in upholstery cleaning.  We have received our IICRC Certification.

Why You Should Have Your Upholstered Furniture Cleaned

It is important to have your upholstery professionally cleaned for several reasons.  After all your furniture is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your home.  Next to your carpet your furniture gets the most use, abuse, and wear and tear.  Soils, allergens, dust mites, animal dander, and other pollutants make their way onto your fabrics and then continue to work their way deep down into your furniture thereby shortening the life of your furniture unless cleaned on a regular basis.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

First we thoroughly vacuum not only the arms, sides, backs, cushions but we also vacuum all the crevices as well. Then we will pre-treat the “entire” piece with specially formulated cleaning agents paying special attention to spots and other areas of concern.  After this we use a “horsehair” brush to gently work in the cleaning agents deep down into the fabric to release the soils, bacteria, and allergens.

We then use our specially manufactured Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Cleaning Equipment with its specialized moisture extraction design to flush out the cleaning agents along with the soils, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants.  The Hydro-Kinetic is attached to our Vortex “The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine” and the soils, bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants are vacuumed away to our containment tanks. Your furniture is left feeling fresh, clean and your fabrics vibrant colors and beauty are restored.


Applying Fabric Protector

Now that Wizard Carpet & Rug Cleaning Lexington has cleaned and restored your furniture this would be the perfect time to allow us to professionally apply protector to your furniture.  This will help it to stay fresh and clean longer and will resist spots and stains which will help keep your freshly cleaned furniture looking and feeling that way much longer.


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